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Pano Photography Awards 2012

I have entered my second photography competition this year. I like to enter these things to gauge where I am at with my photography skills, as judged by respected photographers from around the globe. Sometimes as I sit alone processing my images I often wonder if what I like and think looks good, also looks good to others? Your friends are always going to tell you they are good, so I feel photography competitions are a great Idea to get an outside opinion from those who see millions of images everyday!

Earlier this year I entered “The Better Digital Camera” competition with five images. I received one silver and 4 bronze awards. It was judged by an amazing photographer Peter Eastway, who I admire greatly. So all in all it was not bad for a first attempt in the competition world.

I then entered another competition. The “Pano Awards 2012” I entered three images this time and got 2 bronze awards. Since receiving the results I have re-edited some pictures from scratch to try and improve them a little….

Mona Vale Tidal Pool

The New Version of the Long Jetty shot looks like this:

long Jetty

I feel like the newer version has more punch and is a lot brighter. But you may think differently. I welcome comments about this matter, so please feel free to leave your opinions here. I have been putting many hours of shooting and learning more photoshop skills in so hopefully I can continue to improve.

I am entering another competition as we speak. It is the Creative Asia Awards 2012. These are the 4 photos i am entering.

Long Jetty

Glenworth Valley

Empress Falls

The Entrance

I don’t ever expect to win awards but of course I would love to. I would also love to improve the level of award to consistent silver, as this would let me know I am moving in the right direction and growing as an artist. It will be interesting to see if the image I changed scores better this time around….. Although it isn’t a true test, as the judges are different in this Competition. A panel of five professional photographers score each image and mark it out of 100. An average score is then given from the 5 results. Wish me luck!!!!!

Until then , I will continue to drag myself out of bed at ridiculous hours to capture (in my opinion) the best time of day.




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  1. Vee May 17, 2012 at 3:47 pm - Reply

    Good Luck in the new comp! I dont think you should write your friends gushy comments off! We seem to have pretty good taste according to all these judges 😉
    As for the re-edit of the picture – Personally I think I prefer the first one, it just seems like a really natural moment – the re-edit IS a lot brighter, im just more drawn to the original edit… [maybe its the really bright pink? im not a huge fan of pink – the first one has more purple tones to it… ] I would love to see both printed and up close to make my final call though 🙂

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