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Beck is a Sydney based international award-winning photographer.

She is extremely passionate about landscape photography and has seen won several international awards for her works. Her limited edition prints are sought after by lovers of fine art landscape prints from all over the world.

Beck is a mostly self taught photographer, who discovered a passion for landscape prints in her teens. She purchased many landscape artworks and books.

“It wasn’t until I was married and became a mother that my husband bought me my first camera, a Canon EOS 600D for Mother’s Day one year. He told me to “Go and learn, and chase your dreams”, This set me on the path to where I am today. So far it has been an AMAZING journey. I learn new things and see our beautiful planet through new eyes. When I first received my camera I had no idea what the buttons did, and having not picked up an SLR or DSLR since high school photography class I had to start from scratch. Every spare minute I could get, I read books, forums, and magazines….. Basically anything I could get my hands on. Then I made myself get out on location two sunrises a week rain, hail or shine and found that trial and error is the best and most honest way to learn.”

Now She has added drone/aerial photography to her list of services. Please contact her to hire photography, or browse the online store for photo art purchases.