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It is a well known fact that GOOD photography of a hotel or resort leads to more business. A person looking to go on vacation sees a picture that looks warm and inviting and can instantly see themselves there. It also needs to look roomy which good photography can always create. I myself always browse the online images before choosing where I stay. Some locations also require photos of the surrounding beaches, wildlife and activities etc to help sell a place, which my being a landscape photographer can also help you out with.

My clients hire me to come and stay at there establishments and photograph all the rooms,furnishings, restaurants and extras that will attract people to stay with them in the future. During my stay I get a real feel of the place and am able to incorporate that into the images. I will also rise at sunrise and stay out at sunset photographing these spectacular times of day to be used as needed on websites and other forms of media the client chooses.

For bookings call 0431869100.