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Merewether web frame

Beck Dunn uses the professional printing services of ‘Created for Life’ print lab on the Central Coast of NSW. Her prints are printed using Fujiflex crystal archive. A polyester-based silver-halide material, Fujiflex crystal archive printing material is optimised for professional colour printing of display and commercial prints. In addition to high quality colour, the laser scanning exposure system produces extended contrast, exceptional colours, deep blacks, and clean whites, with a super smooth, high gloss finish.

While every effort has been made to ensure that Beck Dunn’s brilliant colours and sharpness are reciprocated in print, please keep in mind that every computer monitor is calibrated differently. Please use your computer screen as a guide only. All of Beck’s works are printed in the highest quality as the artist intended, with the finest finish.

All of Beck’s limited edition prints come with a certificate of authenticity to provide protection of your art investment. It provides proof of originality and its number in the edition.