Resort & Hotel Photography

Resort & Hotel Photography

Recently I have ventured into a new area of photography…… Resort and Hotel Photography!

While sitting in yet another Resort room one evening while away on a landscape shoot, editing photos and sipping a cold one. I looked at my surroundings thinking I was a pretty lucky girl to do what I do and noting how nice and cosy the room was. I decided to get my camera out my bag and snap a shot to show the hubby how I had to “rough it” while I was away.

After I got home and edited the photo an idea struck me…….. What if I did this as a paid job while travelling for my own photography purposes? My trips involve only photography anyway, so I would have all the time in the world to photograph the entire resort and rooms that a client could want.

So I set my mind to studying this new style and then offered my services for free to a number of places to get into the swing of it. My advantage was, I was able to offer phenomenal landscape images of local attractions for them to add to their sites, making the area a place people just have to visit.

It is a well known fact that GOOD photography of a hotel or resort leads to more business. A person looking to go on vacation sees a picture that looks warm and inviting and can instantly see themselves there. It also needs to look roomy which good photography can always create. I myself always browse the online images before choosing where I stay. Some locations also require photos of the surrounding beaches, wildlife and activities etc to help sell a place, which my being a landscape photographer can also help you out with.

A couple of weeks ago I was hired to photograph a holiday house in Jervis Bay called Callala Beachfront. I took the whole family and not only were the photos fantastic but we had a great time as well. My job was to photograph the house and the local area, including people enjoying activities on the beach, local tennis courts etc.

Take a look at some of the images from the trip.

These are just a few of the examples. All in all the owner received 55 images on a USB to use on his website and STAYZ site and any other media he requires.

I am really enjoying this new venture and have four more bookings in the next 2 months. Being a mother means I have to limit the amount of bookings I take so I am now taking bookings for August-September 2014. If you own/manage a resort, hotel, caravan park, or holiday house and require some good photography to highlight how fantastic your accommodation is, please call me on 0431869100.

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