Wildlife Encounters at Mogo Zoo

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Wildlife Encounters at Mogo Zoo

Last month I had the pleasure of attending one of Mogo Zoo’s photography classes. It is a 2-day workshop which allows you to get a better understanding of photography as well as have exclusive up close encounters with many of the animals there. Mogo zoo is situated off the Princes Highway just South of Batemans bay, NSW, Australia.

Although I went more for the animal encounters than the photography tutorials themselves, I found the lesson before hand well explained in simple terms and very informative. Therefore making the workshop perfect for photographers of any level. Patty and June are always there on hand to help with any questions you may have and help you along the way, as well as being super friendly!

First up on arrival there is a brief tutorial in Photography, then it was on to the animals. Off we headed to the Red Panda enclosure where we were allowed in with them to take photos but I was just as excited to pat them as the jumped up on my legs and ran around.

Throughout the rest of the day we continued to photograph the animals. We went in the enclosures with the Zebra’s, Goat’s, Tapir’s and Ostrich’s and Dingoes. We also photographed the Lions through the wire and through a special camera porthole and the Lemur’s.

Day two started before the zoo was officially opened and we begun the day watching the Siamang Gibbon’s play around and eat the grapes that June was throwing for them, followed by the Tigers which we photographed through the porthole in their fence. Then we went inside the Cheetah enclosure, and the Giraffe enclosure on the back of a ute which was VERY up close and extremely funny. I don’t think I have laughed that hard for a while!

When we were finished photographing the giraffes we got to hand feed them. The guys at the zoo then bought out some snakes, lizards and frogs to practice our macro photography.

The day was finished up by a lightroom lesson in the classroom for those who would like to learn how to use it. I myself decided to hit the road as I had a four hour drive ahead of me and wanted to be home to have dinner with my kids and husband.

The whole day was great and lunches and drinks were provided in the cost. I would fully recommend anybody who has an interest in photography and/or wildlife sign yourself up for a visit. It is called Mogo ZOOm and here is a link to get all the information you need.

Below is a collection of shots taken by me or of me during my Mogo ZOOm experience.


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