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One-On-One Photography Workshops

2013 was supposed to be the year I started up my group photography workshops. Unfortunately since I am on the waiting list for knee surgery I don’t want to risk letting people down and cancelling the course should my name come up at the hospital. Some of you who expressed interest in coming along, were going to fly in from other States and I wouldn’t want to put anybody out financially.

So…… I have come up with a compromise. I am offering one-on-one lessons to those of you who are still interested. I have already met and taught 4 wonderful people in the past 6 weeks. It is always great to meet other photography enthusiasts, and even better to see that moment when they start to understand more on what it takes to take a great photo.

First up, I spent a couple of hours in Wentworth Falls with a great girl and then took her photos back to a computer and showed her some basic editing techniques to get her started.

The top of Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains Australia

Queens Cascade, Wentworth Falls Australia

Swimming Hole at Bents Basin, Wallacia, NSW, Australia

Next up, I met Lisa. Lisa had been shooting in Auto on her DSLR and wanted to make the jump to manual mode. I love teaching people this because when I first learnt it was quite difficult for me to understand. I am not sure if it’s because I’m a bit dense, or if my teacher explained it terribly, but none the less I taught myself eventually through trial and error and plenty of practice. I think I have found a way to explain it much more simply to people, and Lisa picked it up in no time at all. We have had two lessons together now, the second time we took a trip to Bents Basin, Wallacia, Australia (above). Here I taught her to use filters and slower shutter speeds to blur water movement, and create much more pleasing shots. She did really well and I was super proud of her.

If you think you could do with a few hours of one-on-one photographic help, I would be happy to organise something. Contact me via my contact page or on Facebook and we can work something out, to suit your needs and knowledge level. Why not choose one of the locations below?

If you missed my blog last week about my portrait that was short-listed in the international “Shoot the Face” photo competition, be sure to check it out here.

Until next time……


La Perouse, Australia

Anzac Bridge, Sydney

Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains

Australian Wildlife


Spectacular sunset over Cams wharf, NSW lake Macquarie. Australia




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