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Landscape editing tutorial videos

For $280 you will receive via email 12 in depth videos, where I teach you how to get the best out of your images. The videos will show you how I transformed 6 ordinary RAW images (straight out of camera) into works of art you would be proud to show off. Using both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS6 (earlier versions will work too) you will learn to use all the tools and settings you will need to achieve a high quality look.


There is nothing worse than coming home from a great location and being disappointed your photos don’t do it justice. I am here to help. Whether you want to improve your photography for business or just for the love of it these videos will start you on your journey.

Not only will you receive the 12 videos, But you will also be accepted into my “invite only” Beck Dunn mentoring Facebook group, where you can share your images online for ongoing critique and advice to help you to continually improve.All the other members in the group have also had lessons with me either in person or bought the video package and are all very nice and supportive. We also have a monthly theme for a bit of fun where everybody shares a photo if they want to.

If this sounds like the thing for you please contact me or call 0431869100.

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