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Photography is the world’s leading hobby. People love snapping images more than any other hobby in the world. Photography is universal. You don’t have to speak the same language for someone on the other side of the world to hear your story through the power of an image.

I am offering workshops to help people realise their full potential as budding photographers. Whether taking images for yourself or starting out as a photographer looking to start a business, or simply trying to improve your craft. My workshops can be group sessions or if you want one-on-one classes, that can also be arranged. All attendees of my classes will be invited to my online mentoring group on Facebook.

For more information on these sessions please contact me via email.

Photoshop and Lightroom Webinars & Tutorials

Whether you agree or not, it is my belief that every good photographer uses some form of post-processing on their images to get that perfect end result. Think of Photoshop as the darkroom that was used with film photography. People had tricks they did back then to enhance their photographs, just as computer software is used now.

Photography post processing workshops

A great image should be shot in RAW format through your camera. It is the largest file format to work with, and gives you more room to move with it heading into post-processing. However, when you first see a RAW file image on your computer screen you will see that initially it is stripped of colour and very flat looking. It lacks sharpness and vibrance. Don’t panic, it is still there in the digital information of the file and I can teach you how to bring it all back and get the most out of your shot. What you want to aim for is how your eye saw that view on the day you took the shot. A camera is never going to produce exactly what your eye sees. The human eye is by far a better invention than the camera. Who knows…. maybe one day technology will match it, but I doubt it. So there lies the reason we need to give it a helping hand.

photography photoshop class

lightroom tutorial, webinar

If this seems like something you would like to learn and want to book a spot in one of my webinar classes or purchase my series of editing tutorials, please contact me via email to book your place or make your purchase.

The webinars run every few months and you will have the opportunity to watch me edit 5 images from start to finish. You will also be able to type questions you may have as we go. The next course will be running in April 2014, so hurry up and book your spot as places are limited. You will also be invited to my invite-only Facebook group for ongoing mentoring.

For those that are interested I also have a series of video tutorials available for purchase that show me editing 6 images from start to finish. You will learn all the techniques I use from when the shot comes straight out of my camera, into Lightroom and then onto Photoshop until the final result is created. This is a great option for someone who wants to learn at their own pace and be able to watch them over and over again! For only $220. You will receive all 12 videos of 6 image post-processing tutorials. You will also be invited to an invite-only Facebook group for Beck Dunn online mentoring. This group will allow you to post photos you have taken yourself and edited and ask questions, and myself or other group members can give you advice to help you further your knowledge and skills. I will also post photography tips and tricks from time to time.

If it is portrait photography you are interested in, then you may want to purchase my portrait editing tutorial video package:

portrait photo editing